2019 International Macadamia Symposium Committee R&D Forum

2019-11-12 13:01:00

The 2019 International Macadamia Symposium Committee (IMSC) R&D Forum took place in Lincang, China from 4-9 November 2019.

The R&D Forum is hosted by the IMSC and the Lincang Goverment annually to facilate collaboration between researchers from around the world. Dr Elrea Strydom (SAMAC R&D Manager) serves as the Vice-Director on the IMSC R&D Forum and accompanied Dr Schalk Schoeman (ARC), Mr Mark Penter (ARC), Dr Nicky Taylor (University of Pretoria), Dr Gerda Fourie (University of Pretoria), Dr Arista Fouche (University of Pretoria) and Prof Adele Mcleod (Stellenbosch University) to the symposium.

Researchers from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United States, China, Brazil, Columbia and Kenya presented talks on pest and disease management, tree physiology, post-harvest and remote sensing and also exchanged ideas in more informal discussion sessions. Mr Jolyon Burnett (Chair of the Australian Macadamia Society) and Dr Craig Searle (Director of the IMSC R&D Forum) also outlined the future plans for the IMSC and R&D Forum.

The South African researchers presented the following talks:

  • Unique oppurtunities and constraints regarding crop protection in south-eastern Africa (Dr Schalk Schoeman)
  • Evaluating different phosphonate application methods for the management of Phytophthora root rot and stem canker on macadamia (Prof Adele McLeod)
  • Macadamia quality: Progress in ensuring the consumer receives a premium product (Mr Mark Penter)

Mr Dorran Bungay, a South African agricultural engineer presented a talk entitled Preserving the harvest quality of macadamia-nut-in-shell: Curing and storage regimes. Dr Schalk Schoeman chaired the round table discussion on Pest Management, and Dr Gerda Fourie acts as a specialist on the Pests, Diseases and Breeding groups while Prof Adele McLeod was appointed as a specialist on the Diseases working group. In the working group and other informal discussions researchers identified priorities for research in the coming year and areas where they could work together to not duplicate research, so that research could progress at an improved pace.

The table below provides an overview of the research priorities identified:

On behalf of SAMAC and the South African researchers we would like to take this oppurtunity to thank the IMSC and the Lincang Goverment for making it possible for all our delegates to attend the meeting.

Dr Gerda Fourie and Dr Arista Fouche

Overview of current production numbers in China

Mr Jolyon Burnett (Chair of Australian Macadamia Society)

Dr Chris Searle (Director of IMSC R&D Forum)

Key Nut Laboratory in Lincang

Researchers touring the Key Nut Laboratory

Key Nut Laboratory in Lincang

Some of the South African delegates

South African researchers

Dr Schalk Schoeman chairing the Pests working group discussion

Some of the South African delegates

Macadamias in Yunnan Province

Dr Gerda Fourie and Dr Wayne Hancock (Southern Cross University)

Mr Jolyon Burnett and the Mayor of Lincang People's Goverment