The introduction of unique grower codes

2019-07-29 07:02:00

Unique grower codes will be phased in by SAMAC in conjunction with the handlers during the course of 2019.

In 2018 SAMAC and the Handlers Forum identified the need to develop unique grower codes.

The aim of providing these unique growers codes is to assist with the detection of stolen nuts by handlers and the SAPS. This in return will also ensure the successful prosecution of perpetrators and in the long term discourage trading in stolen nuts, which has a tremendous impact, not only on growers, but the economy as well.

Furthermore, the unique growers' codes will also assist with the following:

o preventing or detecting double counting in crop information; and
o to identify voting members at the Annual General Meeting.

The unique codes will consist of a combination of six (6) numeric and alphabetic characters. The alphabetic characters allocated to the code, will be used to identify the type of entity. If an entity has more than one farm, an alphabetic character will be added to the end of the code to identify the various farms.

Code allocations:

SAMAC is currently in process to verify its records against each Handlers information. Once completed, each grower will receive via email their SAMAC PDF Certificate (see below) which will reflect the unique grower code. Growers and Handlers should ensure that their truck drivers have a copy of the certificate when transporting nuts.