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Media Release 2018 South African Macadamia Crop 3 Feb 2018



The 2017 South African macadamia season finished with a bigger crop than initially anticipated. More nuts were harvested during the last quarter of 2017 than usual, resulting in approximately 2 600 tons in excess of the season’s forecast of 42 000 tons of nut in shell (NIS). This brings the final figure for the 2017 crop to approximately 44 610 tons.

The Southern African Macadamia Growers’ Association (SAMAC) recently conducted its second crop forecast survey for the 2018 season. A total of 54 000 tons of NIS (nut-in shell at 1.5% kernel moisture content) is now estimated to be produced in 2018. The previous, preliminary forecast that was issued in December was 56 000 tons. The increase in production from 2017 to 2018 will thus be approximately 21%.

The kernel market is also gaining strength. Fifty five percent (55%) of the 2018 crop is expected to be processed to kernel in 2018, compared to approximately 49% in 2017. This means that not only will a higher percentage kernel be exported this year, but also more kernel in terms of volume. Nico van Schalkwyk, Marketing Manager at Golden Macadamias says that most of their 2018 has already been sold. “Despite higher volumes, the demand still outstrips the supply and most of our company’s crop has been sold already. The quality feedback from our growers is also positive for this season.” van Schalkwyk said.

The seven percent (7%) reduction in import duties in China for South African macadamias that was announced in November 2017 will furthermore have a positive effect to support the higher volumes of South African inshell macadamias that will be shipped to Asia this year. The import duty was reduced from 19% to 12%.

An updated crop forecast will be issued in May 2018.


Issued by the Southern African Macadamia Growers’ Association (SAMAC)
5 February 2018

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