KZN Study Group Report

SAMAC study groups were successfully held in KZN on the 21st of February at Tadpoles farm (near Stanger) and on the 22nd of February at Broadmore farm in Port Edward. Both days were well attended by enthusiastic macadamia growers despite the heavy rains that persisted on both days. The focus of the study groups was on ‘Harvesting Practices’. As the macadamia nuts are maturing on the tree and harvesting about to take place soon, it was a relevant topic of discussion for this study group.

The speakers were absolutely phenomenon and graced us with their expert knowledge. They included Patrick Lennon from Plan-A-Head, Alwyn du Preez (Golden Macadamias), Juan Winters from Source, Lindsay Tredgold and Philip Lee (CompleteLee Nuts Consulting).

Plan-A-Head presented their macadamia management software and gave an impressive live demonstration of their infield weighing device. Juan Winters discussed the KZN benchmarking statistics with the growers and Alwyn du Preez gave a wonderful insight on using Ethapon sprays to harvest macadamia nuts.

At the north coast study group Lindsay Tredgold gave a well-rounded talk on ‘The fertilisation of macadamias”. He emphasised using the correct application rates of nutrients (N P K) at the different phenological stages of tree as well as at the right tree age. Philip Lee gave us a brilliant overview of the macadamia industry and also presented some interesting facts and figures on different macadamia varieties.

In addition, at the south coast study group, growers had an interesting discussion on “Harvest costings” which was chaired by Quentin Elliot. Overall the study groups went very well. A special word of thanks to our sponsors Plan-A-Head for sponsoring the meetings and to Walter Klar (Tadpoles Farm) and Gunter Wichmann (Broadmore Farm) for hosting us.

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