SAMAC Membership

An Integrated Association

The recent restructuring of SAMAC’s funding has taken place to ensure that membership contributions are fair and that handlers contribute to a greater extent. Going forward, SAMAC hopes to achieve better cooperation between growers, handlers and other role players in the interests of a more sustainable and profitable industry.


SAMAC is an association of macadamia industry role-players that aims to do things that individuals are unable to do on their own.

Macadamia production in South Africa is growing steadily due to large plantings in the past few years. A strong and effective SAMAC is viewed as an important component of the future success of the macadamia industry. The underlying philosophy of the association is the view that, in the long term, what is good for the industry is good for the individual.

In a Nutshell

SAMAC is your association and is committed to providing cost effective services to its members by doing things on behalf of the industry that individuals are not able to achieve on their own.

Sending brochures containing information on nut specifications to local nut traders and retailers.

Developing a SAMAC quality logo which will be linked to a consumer campaign educating people about macadamia nuts – how to recognise a quality nut, health benefits and ways to use macadamia nuts.

Overseas Consumer and Trade Awareness Campaigns

SAMAC supports NUCIS, a German-based organisation that promotes nuts in Germany.

SAMAC is collaborating with other macadamia producing countries to co-fund clinical trials to determine specific health benefits linked to macadamia

Handlers’ Forum

Handlers (processors and consolidators of nut in shell) are an important link in the value chain. SAMAC convenes the handlers’ forum to assist handlers in addressing matters of common interest to the benefit of the industry.

Through the Handlers’ Forum, SAMAC is able to compile crop estimates and other statistics which enable handlers to make better marketing decisions to the grower’s benefit.

The Value of SAMAC Membership

With your contribution to SAMAC, you are assisting the industry as a whole with the benefit of the following valuable services:

  • Research
  • Extension services
  • Increasing consumer awareness of macadamias
  • Clinical research to determine the health benefits of macadamias
  • Representing the industry on government and international forums

Adding Value Through Research

Research forms the foundation for the production of higher yields and excellent quality nuts. As a member of SAMAC your levy is funding the following research projects:

• Macadamia water usage
• Cultivar evaluations
• Cultivar and environmental effects on fatty acid profiles and quality in macadamias
• Soil nematodes and microorganisms as indicators of soil health
• Effect of ridges and irrigation type on tree health
• Nursery-based rootstock compatibility trials
• Floral rewards of macadamia trees and honeybee pollination
• Climatically suitable growth areas in South Africa for macadamias under present climatic and projected climate change conditions
• The effect of different rates of macadamia husk compost application on nut yield, quality and soil health
• Cultivar genomics (development of sequence data and markers)
Pests and Diseases
• Entomopathogenic nematodes as biocontrol agents for the nut borer complex
• Management of the macadamia felted coccid
• Entomopathogenic fungi as biocontrol agents for the two-spotted stinkbug
• Causal agents of macadamia chlorosis disease
• Phytophthora and Pythium root rot and stem canker
• Diversity and management of thrips in Levubu
• Optimisation of pesticide deposition profiles in macadamia orchards
• Timing and infection of macadamia by husk rot fungi
• Presence and pathogenicity of Rosellinia necatrix in macadamia orchards
• Species-level identification of mosquito bug
• Intraspecies variation in pheromones of the macadamia nut borer
• Identification of stinkbug alternative hosts and bacterial symbionts from the gut content of stinkbugs
• Identification and characterisation of husk rot and flower blight
• Identification and characterisation of Lepidoptera species damaging macadamia nuts
• Identification, characterisation and chemical ecology of stinkbugs
• Identification of parasitoids of stinkbugs
• Effect of different levels of ethephon on nut abscission and quality during storage

Value of SAMAC membership

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