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SUMMIT 2017:  The Subtropical Growers’ Association will be hosting its 2nd annual Transformation Summit which will take place on 21 June 2017.  PRESS HERE to register. 

dti Presentations

The Department of Trade and Industry presented to the SAMAC board on 12 May 2017.  The BEE and Agro-processing division shared insights on requirements for BEE and transformation in the agricultural sector. For  more information on the presentation CLICK HERE


KZN SG Report 1st 2017

KZN STUDY GROUP:  SAMAC study groups were successfully held in KZN on the 21st of February at Tadpoles farm (near Stanger) and on the 22nd of February at Broadmore farm in Port Edward. READ MORE


MPP AT FABI: The Southern African Macadamia Grower’s Association and The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) have established a collaborative research partnership. READ MORE

Baboon Primates Control

PEST-CONTROL PRIMATES: Comprehensive research has been done to try and find alternative control options to prevent the damage caused by baboons. WATCH THE VIDEO


SUPERFOOD: Macadamias have been classified as a superfood.  READ MORE

Benchmark Report

BENCHMARK REPORT: The macadamia industry quality loss factors are compiled annually by Source. The data serves as an industry / geographic area benchmark.    READ MORE


New Fact Sheets on Stink bugs now available.  Find out more regarding the Green Vegetable Bug, the Two Spotted Stink bug, the Yellow edged stink bug and much more.  READ MORE


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