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SA Macadamias on CNN

CNN: The lush Limpopo Valley region of South Africa is known as a haven of exotic wildlife and fruit trees. But the traditional crops of guava and avocado are making way for more popular produce: macadamia nuts. VIEW ARTICLE

MRLs December 2017

CHEMICAL LISTS: For the latest registered chemical and MRL lists CLICK HERE

Benefits of Nut Consumption

PRESS RELEASE:  Epidemiological and clinical studies have indicated that nut consumption could be a healthy dietary strategy to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and related cardiovascular disease (CVD).  READ MORE

INC Funded Study

PRESS RELEASE:  Research and knowledge on the effects of nut consumption on human health has increased in recent years.  To view the file CLICK HERE

Macadamia Thieves Punished

INDUSTRY NEWS:  Four macadamia thieves appeared in the Louis Trichardt District Court where they were punished for their crimes.  READ MORE

China Import Tariff

PRESS RELEASE:  China’s Tariff Policy Commission of the State Council promulgated changes to 2017 tariff policies. READ MORE

Fire Safety SIZA

SIZA:  A compiled useful guide to the law and best practice in fire safety on farms.  To view the file CLICK HERE