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SUPERFOOD: Macadamias have been classified as a superfood.  READ MORE

Health Research on Macadamias

INC RESEARCH:  The INC has issued a call for proposals for health research on macadamias. For more information CLICK HERE.

Husk Rot Disease

Disease Alert: Although it may be too late to cure infected nuts at an advanced state of symptom development, understanding the situation on your farm is vital.   READ MORE

Benchmark Report

BENCHMARK REPORT: The macadamia industry quality loss factors are compiled annually by Source. The data serves as an industry / geographic area benchmark.    READ MORE


New Fact Sheets on Stink bugs now available.  Find out more regarding the Green Vegetable Bug, the Two Spotted Stink bug, the Yellow edged stink bug and much more.  READ MORE


OESSKATTING VORM: Hierdie vorm behoort u te help om ‘n vinnige oesskatting in die makadamia te doen. Oesskattings is belangrik vir beplannings-doeleindes en ook om begrotings op te stel.  LAAI VORM AF


MAC 101 COURSE MANUAL:  The Introductory Guide to Macadamia Production (Mac 101 course material currently enrolled in KZN) was compiled by Philip Lee on behalf of the Southern African Macadamia Growers’ Association.  READ THE MANUAL

Update RSA

STATISTICS ON THE SA MACADAMIA INDUSTRY: According to data received from nurseries, the industry is still growing steadily. In 2015 it was assumed that the industry grows by more than 1 500 ha.  READ MORE


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