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Video Verslag:   Die Levubu studie groep bied vele te leer vir SAMAC lede.  Nuwe projekte was geloods, en nuwe inligting is verskaf op vele gebiede van Makadamia boerdery.  KYK VIDEO


INDUSTRY NEWS:  Macadamia integrifolia and a cross between M. integrifolia and M. tetraphylla (Beaumont) can be success-fully propagated in tissue culture!  READ MORE


KZN Study Group Report: KwaZulu-Natal SAMAC study groups were held at the North and South Coast during the second week of September with record attendance at both meetings. READ MORE


KZN Tour Report: A group of 17 macadamia farmers from the North and South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, recently enjoyed a very successful 5 day tour to Mpumalanga. READ MORE

Update RSA

Update on RSA Macadamia Industry: According to data received from nurseries, the industry is still growing steadily.  READ MORE


Presentation:  Presentation Slides of the presentation given by Gaby Burbaitzky, Registered Dietitian, at the Your Health is Your Wealth event hosted by SAMAC, SAAGA and Old Mutual.  To view the presetation CLICK HERE


At the beginning of 2016, SAMAC kicked off the season with an industry awareness campaign targeted at the Grower, Government, Retailer, Media and the General Public. READ MORE

Chair AGM Report

Chairman Report: Given at the Annual General Meeting at the SAMAC Research Symposium held on 24 August 2016.  READ MORE


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